Видео: Alpine Type R's, 12D4 Flexing

Bass I Love You on Alpine Type R SWR-12D4 flex

Get your Alpine Type R here: https://tinyurl.com/ju9nznl FREE Two-Day shipping with Amazon Prime signup here today: ...

Windshield Flexing Alpine Type R 12d4

Subwoofers- Alpine Type R 12's Bass Amplifier- Alpine Mrx-M240 Speaker Amplifier- kenwood 500.4 Speakers- Alpine Type S ...

2 Alpine Type R 12's flexing the windshield hard!

A clean and simple system that gets down! He said it does around 137db but I think it's got a little more in it :). Very cool demo and ...

12" ALPINE TYPE R 12D4 1000 watt RMS [Nissan Skyline R33]

CHECK OUT AN UPDATED VIDEO OF THIS ALPINE TYPE R IN ACTION! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrIq07uwd88 Just a ...

Flex - Alpine 12" Type-R SWR 12D4

Windshield flex test with Hifonics 3016.1D @ .95 Ohm. Sound was good, distortion was from phones microphone.

New alpine type r's 12d4 straight bumpin

This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

Alpine Type R 12 inch Excursion / Flex video

Subscribe if you like to see more videos like this ;) ! Alpine type r video 500W / 1500W RMS/Peak.

Alpine Type R 12, Sundown 125.2, AC4000.1D FLEX

Alpine Type R 12s, Sundown SAX-125.2, AC4000.1D, first demo for Youtube. I still have tweaking to do, but for Type Rs they dont ...

Alpine type r 12 flexing everything

One 12'' alpine type r Kenwood 800 watt amp.

Car Flex Alpine Type-R

Single Alpine Type-R 15.

New alpine type r's on 2400rms

New 5th gen alpine type r's rated at 1000 watts rms 3000 watts peak a piece on alpines best mono amp mrx-m240 dose 2400 ...

Flexing in the Sierra with 2 alpine type r's

Alpine type r subwoofers flexing the roof.


Alpine SWR-12D2, Alpine MRX-M100, 2003 Mazda Protege5 (Hatchback) Here is my current system as of 2015, not the same as ...

Alpine system Type R 12" mrx 110

2x alpine mrx m110 pax f4 swr 12d4 x2 alpine deck. And alpine type r components in doors. Any questions ask.

My Alpine Type-R Flex

Sorry for the short vid. I was having amp problems that day. My system: 2 12" Alpine Type-R Subwoofers Custom box tuned to 32 ...

Single alpine type r 12" ripping car apart

Check my new system out. I forgot to record how much my windshield would flex with this alpine sub.

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